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I cut my bangs. Nika came back to San Diego.
I ate a spicy Slim Jim which was SO not cool.
We had long talks and I love her for it.

I wasn't put to sleep for my eye surgery, I wish I had been. She numbed both of my eyes which was the most amazing and freakishly strange thing my face has ever experienced. I was also terrified. I like to think I'm calm in times of stress but a giant pair of silver pliers roaming around my eyeball, I had a hard time keeping any cool I may or may have not have. One of the four stitches had broken and that's what had been irritating it the past couple weeks. My mom refused to drive me to and from the hospital and I was kind of pissed that she wanted me to drive home after eye surgery, so we pretty much just got into a big argument and I stormed off. And then I sat in the waiting room for about an hour talking to an old man in a leather jacket and wrap-around plastic sunglasses about Kaiser Permanente and how they screw all of their patients out of money.

My eyes were so dialated. I feel like I had to be careful, because it looked like a giant black hole that stuff can fall into. The vision is about 5/20... horrible, and not any better from the first day I got stitches. The doctor said all of the healing is done and that the chances of my vision getting any better are slim, so it's a toss between glasses and contacts. Guys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses. At least it doesn't hurt anymore. Before then, it would start watering in the middle of school, or driving, or work. Yeahhh. Here's your Orange Berry Blitz, ma'am. No I'm not sad, my stitches are just facked up.

Glasses. I have a serious crush on way too expensive brands right now.
I figure, this is going to help me see straight. Good excuse, no?

Prada; $166

And I also still love these.
No idea of the brand; $175

Some pair of 50's frames; $75

I just want Lisa Loeb glasses! *sob* I JUST WANT LISA LOEB GLASSES!!

I forget what night this was. I'm pretty sure it was Tuesday.
Did we even do anything? I don't think we did. It rained a lot.

On Thursday, Erik, Ralph and I rode our bikes (well, they rode unicycles and I rode a beach cruiser) from Mission Beach to some area passed Pacific Beach... I have no idea where in the hell we were, but some drunk rich kids were on the hillside yelling at Erik to unicycle down this small dirt cliff. Which he did. Impressed.

This was later that night at a KGFN event. Zack, Johnny and I headed towards the Student Center so I could grab something to drink. Johnny and Zack start playing Street Fighter and Johnny loses. Zack keeps playing and keeps winning and winds up making it to the 10th level. Whaaat.

Danny, Jason, and Sheryl.


"El Sobroso", "Duce", and "S-Dot".

We have no nicknames.


Some reggae band, which I actually kind of liked. I'm pretty sure the name of the band is Stranger.

We heard music coming from one of the band rooms so we took a little looksie.
Part of me was like, What class is this?? I want to just jam to some swing music at 10pm on a Thursday night!

Nick, Chris, Ken and I went to a couple thrift stores, where I bought a really ugly sweater.

sh00t, grl.

Enter Telescope did a little set at the CHOB.


My computer is running out C: space because of all my pictures.
Hahaha. Oh shit. What do I do?
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